The thief of joy

Retreat inward. It is hard. We are pulled. Constantly comparing ourselves, everywhere we look someone having, doing, living better lives than we can or ever will.

We tell ourselves that. And by doing that we move further away from the most divine version of ourselves. We disconnect, we condemn, out come the words seemingly innocuous, outwardly judging but inside secretly coveting. We then perhaps get angry, sad, frustrated with ourselves for the narrative. We are exhausted. We are stuck. We can’t breath. Where to now? What might we be missing about our own beautiful uniqueness when we spend time wishing we had what someone else does, typically not even knowing what it is they really have? What could we be doing instead?

Sitting with ourselves, delighting in all the successes our kindred spirits are having, and focusing on realizing, seeing, digging for the great gifts we have been given - big, small and everywhere in between. We could relax into that place with confidence, without struggle and truly understand our only duty is to bring forth what is within us. When our intention becomes focused on that inward connection, we may actually locate what our gifts are, if they have alluded us for so long. There is no expiration date on finding our passions. No matter how insignificant we think they might be.That’s not for us to judge. As the Bhagavad Gita says, we cannot be anyone we want to be. Transformation, freedom, contentment, joy for us happens when we settle into who we actually are. 

So…keep finding ways each day to retreat inward and practice being connected to the source that will deliver us answers by peeling away the complexity. 5 minutes, 15 minutes, give permission to stop and have a look and congratulate ourselves on having a go at this thing called life. Allowing the hard work of gripping to be or do something else settle into the comfiness of being led by our own inner guide. This isn’t passive, it’s highly charged and active in the world and transformative not just for ourselves but for others. Because when we are led, all the moving entities in our lives are touched for the better.