Yoke quarterly video

JF: Between your family, teaching yoga, and owning/running Prema, how do you create a sense of personal space, of balance?  

AH: It’s a moving, ever-changing process, that’s for sure.  I’m constantly re-assessing if I’m serving all parts at any given time, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m clear about my capabilities.  I have a wonderful support system at the studio andI work my teaching around my family life.   My husband and I are really good about making devoted time for each other each day and I allow myself to not always get it right.  I stay pretty fluid so that I can keep checking in.  

 JF: What do you do when you notice yourself losing that sense of personal balance in your day-to-day?  

 AH: I make whatever shifts I need to.  Most of the time it's unplugging.  Having my own daily practice of meditation, mantra and, most days, asana keep me pretty connected to what’s real in my life and I kind of just pull the plug right away on what I think is not serving my family.   I press the pause button multiple times during my day just to get quiet, find my breath.  We also have little pockets of sacred space in our house where I--and even my kids--can go to clear our heads, and it’s a place that instantly evokes serenity and spaciousness. I'm a bit of a workaholic, so if I am doing right by my kids and husband, then I’m in a pretty good place of balance.