Laugh, be kind, elevate.

May we find strength and incite to travel, with a kind eye, to our truth and, little by little, as we arrive, let our feet settle there.

May we find strength to make an honest go at a life that can alternately feel confusing and painful and wonderful and lovely and sad and lonely and dull. Can we walk through it all awake?

May we find strength to be able to see the beauty in people even if we may not particularly understand them. 
May we find the strength to see our journey through the eyes of others - not just our human brothers and sisters but the beautiful animals who inhabit this planet with us and deserve our compassion and love. May we not dominate and destroy just because we can. 

May we find the strength to allow fear to hitch a ride with us and simultaneously embrace courage as it will lead us to our heart.
May we find strength to forgive when needed, to discriminate when needed, to love and be loved, to listen and be listened to, to see and be seen. May we be vulnerable to it all.

May we find the strength to look up and see the infinite even when we are often pulled to look down towards limitation.
May we find the strength to not let others determine our value. 
May we have the strength to surround ourselves with people who see us in our highest radiance and who inspire us to be better. To all others we graciously say ‘excuse me’.
May we find the strength to surrender into spacious joy and softness. To not work so hard all the time and demand so much on our gentle hearts. 
May we find strength in action. May we see that our convictions need to be acted upon, that there are many, so very many, who depend on us to be their voice. 
May we stand up for the truth of others.
May we laugh, be kind, elevate and stay curious. We can do it