Yoga on Set

Having come from a career in the entertainment industry and being married to a director/producer, amanda knew there was a vital need amongst the cast and crews  for a necessary reset button during the day to recalibrate.  she created ‘yoga on set’ which consists of a group of esteemed yoga teachers who travel to film and television sets to teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Amanda works with immense sensitivity to personal rhythm. Even in a group of mixed levels, everyone feels fulfilled at whatever stage they’re in. She leads with grace, expresses wisdom without blabber, and creates clarity without tension. With her personable touch and confident guidance I feel calm, rejuvenated, strong and educated about my own body each time I leave.
— Mili Avital

Taking the time out of often long work days to participate in an on-set yoga class is a wonderful way to bond, decompress and rejuvenate. During film, television and photo shoots, finding the time to exercise and take a pause is virtually impossible. 

These sessions provide an efficient workout for the body and mind without having to leave work. 

Participants will need a yoga mat and towel and must wear comfortable clothing they can move in freely. Classes are designed to fit within the parameters of crew lunch. 

e-mail for more information and to schedule. 

I’m surprised that more productions don’t offer yoga. The rewards extend to the overall well being of the entire crew.
— Olenka Densyenko - Script Supervisor

yoga on set - Elementary - NYC 2014