A prayer

I wish for you to understand that greatness looks different for us all but that we all possess it. 

I wish for you to be inspired but not necessarily influenced by others.

I wish for you to make this life one of action, of not just understanding and nodding, but of doing what needs to be done in order to participate fully - completely - authentically. 

I wish for you to get high off of thinking, saying, doing what you mean and meaning it all at the same time. 

I wish for you to acknowledge the work it takes to make a go at this crazy life and be overjoyed with your efforts.

I wish for you to feel and practice hugging a person, an animal, a tree each day. It is said our typical hugs last only 3 seconds and after 20 we soften.

I wish for you to yearn for growth and study and abandon and freedom and joy and connection and truth. 

I wish for you to find a tribe that supports you, who you support, and rest there. Never stop searching. There are tribes of 2.

I wish for you to honor your unique gifts by first acknowledging they are there and then share them wildly - whether it’s your smile, your cooking, your attention, your art, your time, your jokes, your work. There is love within it all if shared.

I wish for you to shine brightly, breathe fully, and lovingly start over as many times as you need.