an updated guide.

May I see the beauty, the humanity, the passion, the wisdom, the love I see in others as vividly when I view myself.

May I nourish my children, my partner, my family, my friends daily with honesty& compassion, arms enveloped & heart exposed.

May I loosen the grip of fear that binds me. May I close my eyes, lift my arms up fully, free my breath and step in.

May I understand that I determine my value.

May I be comforted by my courage to embrace new habits instead of holding on to old ones that slowly extinguish my fire and make me unrecognizable. There is always an updated guide to me.

May I acknowledge the goodness in my life because it is always there.

May I see this goodness in the smallest and greatest of grievances and understand my perspective is my choice.

May I be generous with my words and not hoard gratitude. Speak it, show it, tell people they matter and why. Otherwise, do they?

May I always remember that I feel most expansive and receptive when I give love first rather than standing back, arms closed, waiting to receive it.

May WE all connect daily, eye to eye, heart to heart, palm to palm truly wishing for sweetness for us all.