Again and Again.

May you share with your soul only the things that inspire you to greatness, that deserve the attention of your beautiful heart. From all else turn away. Over and over turn away.

May your journey into stillness evolve from a steady practice of aligning your highest intention with your direct attention - what you speak, what you consume, who you are consumed with and how you spend each sacred moment.

May you search always for your purpose. May you truly believe that there is no path too great or too small. May you bless your personal journey always, no matter when you bloom. Believe you will.

May you listen deeply. When we speak, we reiterate that which we know. When we listen, we have the opportunity to learn. To see beyond what we think.

May you spend idle time each day - take an aimless walk, reread a favorite passage from a beloved book, see your child, notice your sweetness, feel the breath in the air, in your body. Embody space.

May you attempt to honor simplicity, at the center of which there can be great long-lasting contentment.

May your unique one of a kind flame shine bright and, when it dims or flickers, may you notice swiftly. Reignite. Over and over.

Again and again."